About Us

Wireless measurement and automation in LabVIEW is our expertise

We use our expertise in LabVIEW to help our customers with their project needs ranging from managing the entire project and delivering complete solutions to minimal help for enhancing existing development teams’ level of expertise by auditing their development practice and setting up guidelines and helping with their software design and development.

We are experienced in measurement and automation with lab equipment especially in RF systems using equipment such as Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Analyzers, Network Analyzers, RF generators, up/down converters, DAQ devices, temperature chambers and etc.

Certified LabVIEW Developers

NI’s certifications prove that our engineers’ proficiency in LabVIEW will result in readable, maintainable, well-documented, modular and scalable code with proper architecture, high quality and on-time delivery. These are valuable traits in which Alab Technologies and our Engineer’s take pride..

Our philosophy, values and mission

Our philosophy is that software should be designed to be maintainable, well-documented, scalable and flexible to increase quality and reliability. Above all, software should satisfy customer’s needs and priorities. Software quality, functionality, maintainability and scalability are key values that distinguish software developed by us from one that is developed by engineers without LabVIEW certifications beyond CLD level. We strive to put our proficiency in LabVIEW programming, project management, systems engineering and engineering processes to work in order to meet the priorities and needs of our customers.